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President LINCOLN II+

President LINCOLN II+


LINCOLN II – Catch the band openings with this rock solid stable mobile radio.

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  • maximize radio performanceMaximize your radio’s performance with our standard updates. This includes modifications with performance upgrades, and peak & tune for your radio’s best potential. *Mods and performance upgrades vary depending on the radio model*

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LINCOLN II Features:

  • AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW Modes
  • 50 Watts PeP *65+ watts PeP with our standard updates.
  • Selectable Multi-Color Display
  • 6 Memory Frequencies
  • ASC – Automatic Squelch Control

LINCOLN II Specifications:

Bird Wattmeter
Voltage 14VDC
SWR 1.2 with dummy load
Impedance 50 ohm
AM Carrier (low w/ 50W slug) 2W
AM Carrier (high w/ 50W slug) 10W
AM Modulation (PeP w/ 100W slug) 50W
SSB (w/ 100W slug) 50W
Standard Specifications
Height 52mm (2in)
Width 170mm (6.7in)
Length 250mm (9.8in)
Current 10A
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